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In Virtuo team is proud to be the only company to offer high-quality software that have been validated through scientific studies to assist professional and their patients during gradual exposure exercices for mental health issues, and for a lower cost. Prices are in Canadian Dollar.

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499$ 3-Month QUARTERLY
  • Unlimited use for three months (renewable)
  • Unlimited use for one year (renewable)
  • Unlimited use
    One payment
    Shipping fees included
    Free unlimited updates
    2hr of free technical support
    Regular price: 5500$
  • In Virtuo team supports research and validation that aims to develop new assessment or treatment protocols for mental/physical health issues.
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Some conditions apply. In Virtuo software are not a diagnostic tool or a treatment. Note that the virtual stimuli cannot treat but are a way to assist experienced health professionals during exposure exercices inside a cognitive-behavioral treatment. Only health professionals can purchase these software (view user contract). Please send a request for a quote at for more details.

Protecting confidentiality is extremely important at In Virtuo. Consequently, In Virtuo does not collect, nor share, any personal information about users (e.g., patients) immersed in its virtual environments (VE), including, but not limited to, identity the user, choice of VE, frequency of use of VE, behaviors and actions in the VE, tracking, or options used in the various configuration menus. In addition, In Virtuo protects the identity of its customers and does not share any information about its customer, unless explicitly agreed upon in a mutually signed document stating specifically which information can be shared (e.g., identity of the customer can be disclosed on In Virtuo’s website or promoted as a potential source for referring patients).

Medical Device Establishment Licence Class I (Health Canada - 7695)

Meets requirements of FDA (USA) and CE Marking as Class I medical device (Europe).